Put Pork on Your Fork

English Mum reviews her visit to Jimmy’s Farm to learn more about ‘Put Pork On Your Fork’

8 July 2011

Another blogger to visit Jimmy’s Farm on Monday was Becky who blogs at ‘English Mum’. Read about what she thought of her visit in the blog post below:

“Fascinating stuff. Did you know, for example, that meat from rare breed free range pigs like Jimmy’s is much deeper in colour than intensively reared pork? Look at it there on the table… it’s more like beef. That’s because it’s lived longer and has actually exercised. It’s also more flavoursome. We also learned that pork bones make great stock, and that cheaper cuts like the chump end (ask for it in the butcher’s, people) make great slow-roasting joints.

The most popular cut, the pork loin found in most supermarkets, is fine (see my recipe very soon), but it can be dry as it’s very lean, and the pig has so many amazing cuts that we’re just not using…

Take the belly, for instance: gorgeous roasted, with tons of lovely crackling. Or if you take the skin off (you can cook this as crackling separately), you can rub it with all sorts of delicious things (Joe used a garlicky, herby salt) then roll up and roast. bigtimetraders.blogspot.com It’s delicious sliced into strips for the barby too. The ribs can be marinated in honey, brown sugar, soy and garlic overnight and then roasted long and slow until they’re sticky and meltingly tender.

It’s not all about slow cooking though – Joe made me some lovely kebabs from chump end meat and after a quick browning in the frying pan we were amazed at how delicious, and tender, the meat was. Perfect quick bbq food.

Look out for blade bone (a really good slow Xpress money online roast) – it’s not that popular but it’s much cheaper than other cuts and there’s loads of meat on it. Ditto with the spare ribs (much sweeter than loin when cut into chops) and the delightful topside, cut into steaks and marinated or cooked with a flavoured butter).

Now I appreciate that not everyone’s going to dive in and start cooking trotters and snouts (least of all me), but we really should be celebrating our magnificent British piggy. And who better than the lovely Jimmy to spearhead the campaign – the real reason for all this hobnobbing with the stars – the very worthy Put Pork on Your Fork campaign, encouraging us to buy fabulous British pork and support farmers like Jimmy. All this is leading up to the One Pig Weekend, 30th and 31st July, where there are special events at places like Jimmy’s Farm and everyone’s being encouraged to throw their own bash, with British pork on the menu.”

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