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In a bid to encourage more people to try lower salt bacon and pork products, we’ll be kick-starting our nationwide ‘Best Thing in Sliced Bread’ tour, offering lower salt bacon butties to the nation.bacon

When it comes to the country’s all time favourite breakfasts, it’s no surprise that a traditional full English and a tasty bacon butty come out on top. While over a third of us admit that we just couldn’t live without full English breakfasts, nearly one in ten is worried about its salt content.

With this in mind, why not look out for new tasty lower salt bacon, especially with Salt Awareness Week (26 March – 2 April) coming up. According to our research over 60 per cent of people would tuck into more cooked breakfasts if they were healthier and 45 per cent cited bacon as the most essential ingredient, which is why this is the perfect option for people looking for a more guilt-free version of their favourite British brekkies.

This year, over a third of the population is pledging to lower their salt intake and thanks to this new lower salt option, people can now enjoy healthier bacon. So why not make the switch and be one step closer to better health.

Best thing in sliced bread tour coming soon to Leeds, Manchester AND London

London, Finsbury Avenue Square - 27th March

Manchester, Exchange Square - 28th March

Leeds, Briggate - 29th March

Amanda UrsellCelebrity nutritionist Amanda Ursell says:

"I'm very aware of the salt we eat in my family, especially as I have two small children. My view is simple. Know where salt comes from in your foods and then you can manage your intakes.
“If you enjoy foods which are high in salt, don't have them every day and when you do include them, make sure that you are extra careful at other mealtimes to keep salt intakes lower.
“Like all things in life, managing your salt is a question of knowledge and exercising moderation and balance." 

See Amanda's top tips on how to lower your salt intake.

Salt Awarness Week

It’s Salt Awareness Week (26 March - 2 April) coming up

This year, over a third of the population is pledging to lower their salt intake. That’s why we have developed some great new lower salt meal recipes so people can enjoy their favourite foods in a healthier way. Click here to try.

Bacon Facts

  • On average Brits eat 37 bacon butties a year
  • If we laid out every rasher of bacon sold in the UK end to end they would get to the moon and back again!
  • A third of people in the UK want to lower their salt intake
  • We buy 4.5 billion rashers of bacon every year in the UK so if just a third of Brits switched to new lower salt bacon, this would reduce our salt intake by a staggering 480 tonnes!