Put Pork on Your Fork

Pork and Black Pudding Wellington

with a Bramley Apple Sauce…

Preparation time: 1 hour.

Serves: 2 people.


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1 x 250g Pork Fillet
4 x Slices of Black Pudding
60g of Bramley apple Sauce
1 x Sheet of Puff Pastry – about the size of an A4 Sheet of Paper
1 x Egg Yolk
25ml of Milk
Plain Flour
Vegetable oil

  1. Pre-Heat oven to 180c Fan oven/ 200c Non Fan.
  2. Cut the Pork Fillet into 5, Flatten out the Fillet medallions to the same size as the Black Pudding. Place the Pork Fillet and The black pudding onto one half of the puff pastry, lengthways, alternating Pork Fillet then black pudding until all is used up. Now spread over the top, a layer of Bramley apple sauce.
  3. Mix the Egg Yolk with the Milk and brush a little around the edge of the Pastry, Fold over the Pastry and press down firmly. Cut 5 small incisions in the top, Brush the top with the Egg Wash. Carefully place the Wellington on a shallow baking that has been brushed with a little vegetable oil and Dusted with Flour, Bake in the centre of the pre-heated oven for 30-35 minutes.
  4. Once the Wellington has cooked. Cut at an angle into 6 Slices – 3 per serving and serve with Buttered New Potatoes and Honey Roasted Root Vegetables.